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A supportive community where educators can examine the science of reading.

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With the science of reading, you can—

Level the playing field.

For many teachers, though, the science of reading feels overwhelming because it’s so… different. As you teach, it’s hard to know for sure if you’re getting it “right.”

You shouldn’t have to figure it out on your own. When you join the Science of Reading Collective, you won’t have to.

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Informed teachers are our best insurance against reading failure. While programs are very helpful tools, programs don’t teach; teachers do.

— Louisa Moats

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Trade reading stress
for reading success.

We know how powerful the science of reading is—and how labor-intensive it can feel for educators to adopt a new approach.

Becoming a member of the Science of Reading Collective takes the pressure off!

Inside, you get free resources and tools that make the science of reading easier plus access to a generous community of experts and peers to answer your questions and cheer you on.

Helping striving readers get unstuck.

Learn practical tips to keep students engaged as they learn.

Connect with others who are as passionate about literacy as you.

Feel respected and encouraged, even when there are differences of opinion.

Your free membership includes:

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Free SoR student resources to support small groups and centers

Pick up actionable ideas to make the science of reading engaging and applicable.

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Bi-monthly Q&A with
science of reading experts

Get support from the pros as you practice your new skills with your students.


Always-open forum for
discussion with peers

Lean on our thoughtful, generous community of like-valued educators.

It’s free?
What’s the catch?

There is no catch. The Science of Reading Collective is free simply because we think you deserve it. 

At Reading Horizons, we’re on a mission to link arms with educators to combat illiteracy. That means putting people over profits—always dreaming up ways to be your supportive partner. Whether you buy our products or not.

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When your knowledge is linked together it’s called experience. 

— Udayveer Singh

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Your best classroom is this close.


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Explore your way to success.

Participate in monthly webinars, ask a question of the community, or search by topic for what’s on your mind today.

Whatever you need to help your students read, this is the place to start!

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Go from solo to supported.

You have kids all over the academic and social map, and they all need to learn to read. That’s a big responsibility. You don’t have to shoulder it alone.

The Science of Reading Collective IS HERE FOR YOU!

Who is Reading Horizons®?

And other important questions…

Who is Reading Horizons®?

Reading Horizons supports educators with science-based, tech-enabled foundational reading instruction. Our flagship program, Reading Horizons Discovery®, has equipped more than ##,### educators to help all their students read proficiently by the end of third grade.

You can learn more about Reading Horizons Discovery® here, but please know you can participate in the Science of Reading Collective even if you’re not a Reading Horizons customer. Really.

Is the community moderated?

Yes. And we have one unwavering rule: Be kind to one another. Reading passions certainly run high, but our users value the differences of opinion they get from others.

Will what I learn help my students?

We recognize literacy is impacted by all the things that make your students unique. But Reading Horizons and the science of reading has helped hundreds of thousands of students. It can help yours, too!

Do I have to be a Reading Horizons customer to join?

No! Anyone interested in the science of reading can join our community. That’s what makes us so unique—a wider range of folks bring a more diverse perspective to the reading and teaching space. 

If I join, will I be flooded by notifications?

No. You can set your preferences to receive as few or as many notifications as you’d like. No spamming here!

Are the monthly webinars recorded?

We know you have a full plate and an endless to-do list. We record all our webinars so can access them whenever and wherever is convenient.

Can't I learn the science of reading on my own?

Sure, you can. But why? By teaming up with peers and experts, you get the supportive community you deserve. (And you do deserve it!)