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Foundational Literacy for Summer School

Summer is a chance for striving readers to accelerate growth. With Reading Horizons’ proven instructional method, they’ll build foundational reading skills—and confidence—for the fall.

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Our Summer Program is flexible for every classroom. Implement it as a stand-alone summer solution or a continuous approach throughout the school year.

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Benefits of the Reading Horizons Summer Program

Support. Fills Gaps for Striving Learners

Strengthen. Provides a Head Start on Grade-Level Foundations

Prepare. Creates Continuous Learning to Avoid Reading Loss

Quick and Flexible Implementation

Our program provides foundational reading instruction with flexible implementation expertly adapted to meet your district’s unique scheduling needs.

Our Phonics Screener helps teachers identify which skills your learners need so you can prioritize critical lessons.

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5 Summer School Tips to Combat the Literacy Gap

Cut Days—Not Corners—with a Comprehensive Solution

Our Summer Reading Program follows our school year curriculum’s foundational reading instruction, skill building, practice, and assessment method. Fluid small-group instruction, skill transfer opportunities, supportive software, and supplemental print materials ensure students use the summer as a springboard for success in the coming school year.

Skills for Summer Learners

The Summer School Program Includes:

Teacher Training
Teacher and Student Software
Phonics Screener / Diagnostic Tool
Sound Walls
Scripted Lessons and
Teacher Resources
Student Transfer Books / Workbooks
Poster Pack

Summer School Resource Guides

Summer Only

Current Users

Using RH in the Fall

Get Ready for Summer!