Dr. Amy Murdoch discusses the importance of text in reading instruction for beginning readers and older struggling readers. Research indicates that the type of text matters and Dr. Murdoch shares specific recommendations based on the goals of reading instruction and intervention.

Expert Guest

Dr. Amy Murdoch

Dr. Amy Murdoch

Dr. Amy Murdoch is chair and an associate professor in the Department of Graduate Education and program director of the Reading Science program at Mount Saint Joseph University. She received her Ph.D. in School Psychology from the University of Cincinnati with an emphasis in early literacy.

Professor Murdoch worked for six years in Cincinnati Public Schools as the director of a number of different literacy grants aimed at bringing research-based practices in instruction, intervention, family education, and assessment to children living in poverty. She has also worked as an education consultant at the Special Education Regional Resource Center. In this role, she worked with school districts to help them implement research-based reading practices within a Response to Intervention model.