The Importance of Social Emotional Learning


Dr. Ivy Bonk joins Laura Axtell on Podclassed as they discuss the impact of childhood trauma on student learning. Dr. Bonk began her research when she realized many students who were being referred for Special Education services, didn’t truly have a learning disability. Rather, they were struggling in school due to traumatic experiences. This episode includes how you can recognize trauma, what educators can do, and what systemic supports are needed to make a difference for these students.

Expert Guest

Dr. Ivy Bonk

Dr. Ivy Bonk

Dr. Ivy Bonk is the founder at Every Child Whole, LLC. Her educational experience includes a doctorate in Educational Psychology with a research focus on childhood trauma and its impact on learning and development to include special certifications. She is most passionate about creating awareness, processes, and systems to interrupt the systemic impact of unaddressed trauma. She is the author of The Day Trauma Came to Class and the architect of The Lost Child Theory and the emerging school design model, The Grounded Learning Framework.

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