Using Positive Psychology to Reduce Educator Stress and Burnout


Carrie Drake Saunderson, MA, joins the host of Podclassed, Laura Axtell, M.Ed., to discuss how educators can utilize principles of positive psychology to reduce stress and burnout. Topics include sources of stress for educators, adaptability, the importance of simple routines and habits, the pillars of wellness, and reframing stress. To learn more from Carrie, register for her recent webinar series to view the recordings of previous webinars and to register for upcoming webinar sessions on this topic.

Expert Guest

Carrie Drake Saunderson, MA

Carrie Drake Saunderson, MA

Carrie Drake Saunderson received her MA TESOL from Brigham Young University and a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) from The Flourishing Center in Oakland, California. As a passionate educator and positive psychology practitioner, Carrie spent over 13 years teaching nearly every age group and demographic before coming to Reading Horizons in 2016. She has worked with curriculum and training and presenting at Reading Horizons and established a company wellness initiative called RH Thrive. She especially loves being able to combine so many of her passions—people, reading, teaching, learning, and wellness—in various professional roles and settings. A native to Grass Valley, CA she now lives in British Columbia, Canada with her husband, son, and bonus-daughter.

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