An Educator’s Journey Through the World of Literacy Instruction


Stacy Hurst, M.Ed., shares her unique journey through the world of education, specifically reading and literacy instruction. After years of teaching, she now is moving into a dual role as a curriculum writer and a professor of pre-service literacy teachers. Hurst will share her research on teacher preparation for literacy instruction and where her focus will be as a professor given the current pandemic.

Expert Guest

Stacy Hurst, M.Ed.

Stacy Hurst, M.Ed.

Stacy Hurst, M.Ed., is an assistant professor of Teacher Education at Southern Utah University. She has bachelor’s degrees in Sociology and Elementary Education and a master’s degree in Education. She has Reading, Advanced Reading, and ELL Endorsements. During her twenty years as an educator she has been a first grade teacher, ELL teacher, literacy coach, and reading specialist. Her extensive experience also includes coordinating interventions for struggling readers, implementing blended learning, and training thousands of teachers on structured approaches to literacy instruction. Stacy is the co-author of a foundational literacy program, is the Chief Education Officer at Reading Horizons, and serves as a member of the Utah Decoding Dyslexia advisory board.

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