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Science-based, tech-enabled reading instruction that supports the teaching and learning process for schools nationwide.

At Reading Horizons, we support educators with science-based, tech-enabled foundational reading instruction that helps all students reach reading proficiency. We help K–3, 4+, special education, english language learners and more students feel confident about their abilities! Educators should feel empowered with the tools and resources they utilize to maximize their impact with students.


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Reading Horizons Discovery® is a phonics-based reading curriculum for students in grades K-3. It combines direct instruction materials with interactive software to create a powerful reading experience for the classroom. Build reading proficiency, improve reading scores and prevent reading difficulties with this proven program that actually works.

Prevent general education students from falling behind.

Teachers can provide every student with reading instruction aligned with reading science through the Reading Horizons Discovery® curriculum. The program helps every student build a solid foundation in reading and prevents general education students from falling behind.

Provide basic reading instruction to Kindergarten students

Help students get off to the right start with reading. Reading Horizons Discovery® provides a framework for teaching the basic building blocks of the English language from the simplest concept to the more complex with explicit, systematic instruction. Reading Horizons offers separate manuals, decodable texts, and a unique software track for targeting the needs of kindergarten students.

Reach all three RTI tiers

Provide students in each RTI tier with the right depth of targeted reading instruction. Each teacher’s manual includes detailed instructional guides and activities for meeting the needs of students below, on, or above level for each reading skill. By implementing the Reading Horizons Discovery® program across all three tiers, you give teachers a common language and simplify differentiation and individualization for intervention students with robust technology tools.

Help students with Dyslexia improve their reading skills

Reading Horizons helps you meet the needs of students with dyslexia and fulfill state-specific legislation regarding dyslexia. Using our resources, you can screen every student for the risk factors of dyslexia and provide clear, research-based Structured Literacy instruction that is crucial for students with dyslexia but beneficial for every student.

Adapt Instruction for English Language Learners (ELLs)

On top of teaching the patterns and structure of the English language, the Reading Horizons Discovery® products help ELLs master letter sounds and letter formations with the ABC Say and ABC Draw tools.

Address the Needs of Students with Special Education

Reading Horizons has been endorsed by the Council of Administrators in Special Education (CASE) for use in special education settings. The program is naturally multisensory—making instruction engaging while helping students build new brain connections.


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The Reading Horizons Elevate® program helps older learners fill these gaps with assessment-driven explicit phonics instruction based on the principles of reading science. When older learners have reading difficulties, it is often because they have gaps in the foundational decoding skills needed for fluent reading. The Reading Horizons Elevate® intervention program helps you address a variety of student needs.

Allow Students to Learn Independently and at Their Own Pace

The Reading Horizons Elevate® Software provides students with independent, competency-based learning that addresses their unique needs, adjusts to their pace, and gives them the privacy to struggle without feeling embarrassed. Students can also access the online software from home for virtual learning and to accelerate their learning.

Help Students with Dyslexia Improve Their Reading Skills

The program is aligned to the Structured Literacy approach, which includes all of the best practices for teaching students with dyslexia. The unique marking system that is embedded in every skill lesson helps students with dyslexia learn to recognize and decode English sound, letter, and word patterns.

Address the Needs of Students in Special Education

Reading Horizons has been endorsed by the Council of Administrators in Special Education (CASE) for use in special education settings, remedial reading courses, and Tier II and Tier III in RTI programs.

Adapt Instruction for English Language Learners (ELLs)

On top of teaching the English language patterns and structure, the Reading Horizons Elevate® products further adjust to ELLs’ needs with optional language translations (available in Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese), pronunciation practice, vocabulary, real-world reading exercises, and basic grammar lessons.

Fuel Student Motivation and Build Self-Esteem

By focusing on one skill at a time, students experience quick wins on simple and achievable goals that motivate and fuel their confidence. To further build motivation during reading practice, students get to choose which reading passages and topics match their personal interests in the software and print reading materials.

Provide Literacy Instruction in Correctional and Adult Education Settings

It’s never too late to learn to read! The Reading Horizons Elevate® reading intervention program helps adult learners reach their goals and become successful readers. Adults see fast gains because the software continuously assesses, instructs, and adapts content to target each student’s needs.