K-3 Foundational
Reading Program

Science-based, tech-enabled foundational reading program to help all students reach reading proficiency by the end of third grade.

Newly Expanded Reading Horizons Discovery®

Our foundational reading program is based on a simple and effective method to help all students develop decoding and spelling proficiency. The program includes instructional materials, interactive digital lessons, decodable books, and ongoing professional learning.
Now includes a phonemic awareness curriculum, digital sound wall, and sound wall classroom instructional materials

Aligned to the Science of Reading

Reading Horizons Discovery® was created by Charlotte Lockhart, a former classroom teacher, school principal, knowledgeable and informed educator. Our method has been aligned with research from its inception and has remained aligned to the science that informs reading development. Our high-quality materials and training are consistently refined in response to convergent research findings on how the brain learns to read and the science of implementation.


Integrates With Any Core Literacy Program

The newly expanded Reading Horizons Discovery® solidly addresses all reading standards related to the lower strands of Scarborough’s Reading Rope; phonemic awareness, phonics, and sight word reading and includes decodable text to help students increase their fluency and automaticity. Additional resources are included to support teachers as they work to improve their students’ language and reading comprehension.


Tailored to Student Needs, From Beginner to Advanced

Direct instruction and software work together to assess and enhance students’ learning at all stages of reading development. Teacher manuals are designed to help teachers deliver engaging and practical instruction for all students, whether in a small group or a whole class setting. The digital software amplifies and differentiates instruction while allowing students to work independently during center time or in remote learning situations.


Guides Teachers With Ongoing Support

The newly expanded Reading Horizons Discovery® is backed by our supportive partner guarantee that includes live, virtual, and on-demand professional learning and support. We want to assure educators that we are with them, shoulder to shoulder, to help ensure a solid foundation for lifelong reading for all of their students.


Facilitate whole-class and small-group instruction with an engaging approach, so all students learn and practice reading, spelling, writing, and decoding skills. Newly expanded to include daily lessons to support phonemic awareness.


Aligned interactive lessons for students to practice phonological awareness and decodable texts to apply phonics skills to the point of automatic word recognition. Real-time assessment suite to support students’ progress and inform instruction. Newly expanded to include a: Digital Sound Wall to help students learn each of the 44 phonemes in the English language and the associated graphemes.


Ongoing professional learning to help guide and align instructional practices with reading science. This includes in-person or virtual training and coaching, on-demand resources, and a digital library.

three integrated componsents

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Reading Horizons Discovery Sound CityTM

Reading Horizons Discovery Sound City Daily Phonemic Awareness Lessons Manual

Our daily phonemic awareness lessons address phonological and phonemic awareness for students in grades K–2. The manual includes five-minute teacher-led lessons that can be used for review at the beginning of each daily phonics lesson. Embedded assessment tools are used to identify gaps in phonemic awareness and to monitor student progress.

  • Follows the gradual release of responsibility model including scaffolded instruction for students who need extra support.
  • Lessons focus on two tasks at a time to build accuracy and automaticity.
  • Is sequenced in a systematic and explicit manner, starting with larger phonological units and progressing to more sophisticated phoneme patterns (e.g. CV, VC, CVC, CVCC, etc.).
  • Provides assessments, review activities, and games to ensure student mastery, retention, and engagement.

Reading Horizons Discovery® Sound Wall

Our Sound Wall materials facilitate student knowledge of the 44 phonemes in the English language and their associated graphemes. These skills promote proper sound articulation and lay the foundation for deeper phonemic awareness, phonics, and spelling instruction.

  • Teacher’s Manual with 44 direct-instruction lessons; one for each phoneme in the English language
  • A portable sound wall for each student
  • Classroom sound wall posters (Vowel Valley and Consonant Corner)
  • Phoneme Cards for use during instruction and review
  • Digital sound wall software
Consonant Corner
Vowel Valley Poster


Reading Horizons Discovery® provides scripted lesson manuals for teachers that help them know how to model and scaffold a research-based approach for teaching reading. The materials are designed to increase student engagement and facilitate the transfer of knowledge from instruction to application resulting in fluent reading.

  • Aligns instruction with reading science & structured literacy
  • Allows for differentiated instruction for all students
  • Provides multisensory instruction and practice
  • Reinforces instruction with decodable text
  • Connects phonics and spelling instruction
  • Builds teacher confidence


Assessment and Progress Monitoring

Reading Horizons Discovery® uses a series of assessments and skill checks to establish benchmarks, measure growth, ensure mastery, and to accurately differentiate instruction. All lesson and assessment data can be reviewed by teachers and administrators through the administration system.

  • Phonemic Awareness Assessment
  • Most Common Words Assessment
  • Spelling/Word Recognition Assessment
  • Reading Assessment (created in partnership with MetaMetrics® using the Lexile® Framework for Reading—software add-on)
  • Chapter Tests
  • Lesson Skill Checks and Check-Ups
From Decoding to Fluent Reading

Decoding skills are crucial for fluent reading, but they are not the end goal of reading instruction. To help students transfer these skills to reading fluency and comprehension, Reading Horizons Discovery® includes additional tools and activities to encourage the transfer of these skills to higher-level reading tasks.


Take your spelling instruction beyond a memorized list. The Reading Horizons Discovery® Spelling Supplement provides teachers with an explicit guide for teaching students in grades 1-3 how to encode words and prove they are spelled correctly.

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