How Does Dyslexia Affect Individuals Throughout Their Lifetime?

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How Does Dyslexia Affect Individuals Throughout Their Lifetime?

Many teachers and parents, perhaps including you, worry about the future of their dyslexic students. Because reading and other language skills are difficult for these students it is easy to imagine them living with academic and career struggles for the rest of their lives. Undoubtedly this is the story of many students with dyslexia. However, if they can learn from their challenges, researchers have found that these concerns are unfounded. 

Dyslexia Research: Dyslexia Over the Lifespan

Author and Researcher, Margaret B. Rawson, dedicated 55 years of her life studying the lives of 56 dyslexic boys. Her findings are published in her book, Dyslexia Over the Lifespan, which reveals consistent patterns of learning and achievement for students with dyslexia. And guess what? For most of them—a bright future is in store.

Dyslexics Tend to Be “Late-Bloomers” In Regards to Education

Rawson discovered that these students tend to be “late-bloomers” in regards to their education and that they usually perform very well in high school and college, eventually finding themselves in successful careers. In fact, the most difficult period for these students is in their elementary and middle school years. 

Real-World Example

In regards to these findings, Dr. Fernette and Brock Eide, writers of The Dyslexic Advantagequoted how a dyslexic dad had once explained this trend in his own life… “then suddenly I seemed to be getting smarter and smarter, and the other students seemed to be getting dumber …”

Challenge Builds Character

As I read these findings I couldn’t help but wonder if these difficult early years are largely responsible for the bright futures obtained by many of those with dyslexia. By dealing with a challenge from such a young age they undoubtedly learn valuable lessons that help them develop a strong character. To get through their difficulties they must become determined and patient—qualities that set them up for a lifetime of success.

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