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A brand advocate is a person who understands and loves Reading Horizons® and is willing to share why they believe in our products with others.

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Welcome to our Reading Horizons brand advocate team. By joining, you become part of a community of educators and leaders who recognize the transformative potential of our program on students’ lives and who eagerly share that enthusiasm with others.

As a Reading Horizons advocate, you’ll enjoy special privileges, including:

  • Exclusive access to our advocate networking platform
  • Invites to private events
  • Perks for championing our products and services
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As an advocate, maximize your impact through monthly Zoom calls, an exclusive Slack channel, and dinner meet-ups. Plus, earn rewards for valuable referrals to other districts.

Elevate your impact, and join our brand advocate team today. Exclusive benefits include:


Our private communication channel is reserved solely for passionate advocates like yourself! Meet other brand advocates and luminaries in the science of reading community. Collaborate, share resources, and be the first to hear about new opportunities.


We’re eager to share your incredible achievements and impactful work. Not only will we reserve a section for you on our brand advocates’ homepage, you will also have an opportunity to be highlighted in our community newsletter and social posts.


Are you heading to a conference this year? Join us for private, complimentary dinners at the most sought-after science of reading events. Mingle with other influential educators in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. We will toast to you!


You’ll be invited to join the Literacy Talks podcast trio (Stacy, Donell, and Lindsay) for a unique opportunity to ask all your questions and engage in powerful conversations with these esteemed science of reading experts over regular Zoom calls.

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As we continue to add ways you can share your voice, see below for ways where we could use your support today. To show our deep appreciation for your pivotal role in advancing our mission, we will offer compelling rewards.

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