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This is an exclusive benefit for The Science of Reading Collective members with Stacy Hurst, Donell Pons, and Lindsay Kemeny. Our podcast hosts will discuss a variety of science of reading related topics for the first 10–15 minutes, then open it up for live Q&A for the remainder of the 45-minute event. Join the Science of Reading Collective for more information.



Presented by Laura Beaver, District Title 1 Facilitator, Cleveland County Schools (NC); Pati Montgomery, Founder and President, Schools Cubed; Kevin Hansford, Superintendent, Kingman-Norwich Unified School District 331 (KS); and Stacy Hurst, Chief Academic Advisor at Reading Horizons and Assistant Professor of Reading at Southern Utah University

Sponsored by Reading Horizons

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National Conferences

Plain Talk

New Orleans, LA

March 08

The Reading League Summit

Las Vegas, NV

March 25