Reading Horizons

Advocate Biography Submission

We’re so excited to welcome you to the Reading Horizons Brand Advocacy Team! We have lots in store for you and plenty of opportunities for us to partner together to eradicate illiteracy.

We’re creating a Who’s-Who section on our advocacy page and would love to include your picture and bio. You’ve earned your moment to shine.

We want to include your:

  • Professional Background
  • Experience you have in implementing the science of reading
  • Any organizations or networks you’re a part of that are relevant to your work in literacy education
  • Why you choose to be a Reading Horizons Advocate

You can fill out the information and we will write your bio for you.

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Jillian Kaster, Community Manager

Hi, there! I’m Jillian!

From Chicago to Minneapolis, I spent my early days in education as a kindergarten teacher—catapulting my students from below to above national averages on the MAP Assessment. In 2017, I left the classroom for a career at Reading Horizons, first as an Implementation Coach, and now as our Community and Advocacy Manager. I love celebrating educators and supporting them with research-aligned resources. We are in this together.

Reading Horizons has literally changed the way I teach reading. It is fun and engaging, but most importantly it makes sense and the students understand it. It has made the biggest difference in my classroom and the way I teach!